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How to know if I have low testosterone?

Testosterone naturally begins to decline in your early 30’s. We recommend all men ages 30 and above to get screened regularly for low testosterone. The decline in testosterone levels can leave you feeling fatigued, depressed, low energy and productivity, and loss of libido. Physical symptoms include muscle loss or difficulty gaining muscle, weight gain, erectile dysfunction, and hair loss. 

Testosterone Declines as Men Age

How will you test for low testosterone? 

To test for low testosterone, our experienced staff at Us Men’s Medical Center will conduct a comprehensive exam to assess your testosterone levels. Our staff will begin by taking a small blood sample to determine your testosterone levels. Normal testosterone levels begin at 10nmol/l. Anything under 10nmol/l suggests a testosterone defilnicey. Testosterone decreases by 1-3% each year after the age of 30, so it is important to understand your risks as you age. 

Us Men’s Medical Center will then create a personalized treatment plan that will work best for your specific needs and testosterone levels. We accept all insurances, including medicare, so the treatment at US Men’s Medical Center is affordable and accessible.

What can testosterone replacement therapy do for me?

TRT has many benefits—testosterone overall plays a key role in muscle and bone mass, hair growth, sex drive, mood, and memory. It is natural to have low testosterone as you age—TRT helps to combat these symptoms, and helps to regain the life you had before you began experiencing low testosterone.

How successful is TRT?
Us Men’s Medical Center has over a 90% success rate with TRT in our patients!

How much does TRT cost?

The cost of TRT is determined by your copay. We accept all insurance plans to give you the best experience possible. Please call us at (636)-244-5333 or email us at danielle@usmensmedicalcenter.com to receive an accurate quote based on your insurance plan.







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