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About US Men’s Medical Center

US Men’s Medical Center was founded by two physicians who have years of hormone replacement therapy experience. They have written several articles on the various treatment options in regards of testosterone replacement therapy and how to specifically raise free testosterone.

We have a patient centered focus when treating patients at US Men’s Medical Center. We not only look at the lab values of patient hormones but listen to their individual symptoms. Our primary focus is getting patients hormones balanced and rejuvenated in order to live a healthier and energetic life. We pride ourselves on getting patients the energy and motivation to do the activities they want to do. This can be improving life at home with family, or helping patients gain and edge in the workforce. We have an outstanding 95% success rate in treating our patients.

We pride ourselves on accepting all forms of health insurance, including Medicare. This insures that every patient can afford quality care. We also have several treatment options for patients who travel or have that hectic work schedule; this includes sending the medication directly to their house.







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